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This is a small town, still mostly rural in nature, nested right up to the mountains just before one climbs over Alto Del Monte to drop down into Jaco, about an hour away, and the rest of the Pacific coast.

In the past seven years there has been a flurry of interest in real estate in our town, beyond the long growth process of the Vista Atenas project to the west of town, begun in 1993. Folks are discovering the great place Atenas is to live: an hour to the beach, an hour to San Jose. The climate is perfect, amenities are close, and you can still breathe the air with pleasure.

Welcome to the Atenas Realty site, look around at what I can offer you today, and if you have any questions contact me. Real Estate with experience and service, both available here. 






I have added "Fun Stuff to do around Atenas" to my orientation page; stay tuned to more additions as time permits.  Recently added: Else Kientzler Botanical Gardens!

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